Counseling is making an investment in yourself or your relationship. My ultimate goal is for you to not have to come to therapy anymore, which means we work together to meet your goals and set you up to sustain your progress without me. Obviously, mental health takes consistency and is not a one and done thing, so many clients choose to come in for “tune-ups” or on an as needed basis.

Session Length and Prices

A 50 minute session is $145


I have chosen to not participate with any insurance companies for the following reasons:

  1. I have to assign a diagnosis. This becomes a part of your record and some people don’t want that label. There are some things that are not recognized as a diagnosis. Such as relationship distress and even sex addiction.
  2. My notes aren’t sealed. Meaning that your insurance provider will read the notes I take in order to determine if they will pay for services or if therapy is being effective.
  3. Your options are limited. You basically only have the options that your insurance provider gives you and those therapists may or may not be a good fit or trained in sex therapy or couple’s work.
  4. What about out-of-network benefits? Some people are not concerned about what I mentioned above, and that’s totally fine. I can provide you with a superbill with all the codes you need to file and possibly receive a reimbursement based on your insurance plan.

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