Help for Low Sex Drive in Chattanooga, TN

Help for Low Sex Drive in Chattanooga, TN


Counseling for Low Sex Interest

You started dating and felt so excited and smitten by this wonderful person you are with. They would text you cute things and remember what you said your favorite candy is. This person was different than anyone you have dated before.

You begin to feel safe and open up and, to your surprise, feel accepted for who you are. They see you and get you.

Sex seemed to flow well in the beginning because of how exciting the relationship was. But now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s suddenly more challenging.

Now, everything and everyone comes first and sex is literally the last thing on your mind because you are so exhausted by the end of the day. 

You Have No Desire for Sex

Feeling sexy or attractive has always been a struggle for you. Your partner tells you how beautiful you are, but every time they say that you feel shitty for not believing it.

Sex looks so easy on TV and your friends can’t seem to do anything but brag about their sexual experiences. You feel alone and wonder if anyone else struggles with sex.

You have found yourself avoiding anything sexual because you aren’t comfortable with it and end up feeling numb.

It doesn’t make sense. You are attracted to your partner and feel safe, but your body shuts down. Being turned on is nearly impossible and it seems like the stars need to align just right for it to happen.

You get stuck in a loop of blaming yourself and asking yourself “what the hell is wrong with me?You feel broken and tired of it.

You want to want sex and keep waiting for it to happen, but you are done waiting. And the times you do want sex, your body just can’t seem to get on board.

The idea of initiating sex is terrifying and feels awkward. You think about it for a second, but then that voice in your head tells you how you are not sexy enough or good enough and before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of it.

During sex, you have the hardest time not thinking about the dishes that need done or noticing the dust on the ceiling fan. It seems your brain wants to be anywhere but there.

When you are present, you are concerned with how your body looks and why it isn’t as pleasurable as you think it should be.

But it’s not just about sex. It’s about wanting to connect with your partner and feel good while doing so.

Together, we will figure out what is getting in the way of you wanting sex and being turned on so that you can start enjoying sex and even pursuing it.

How Counseling Can Help a Lack of Sexual Desire:

  • Get to the root of what is going on and where the avoidance came from.
  • Break down those negative messages of not being sexy or good enough.
  • Build up your confidence and finally feel good about yourself.
  • Get in touch with your sexual side and learn how to embrace it.
  • Learn ways to stay present during sex.

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