Support for Partners of Porn Addicts

Counseling for Partners of Porn Addicts

You’ve recently found out your partner is looking at pornography.  You are crushed and angry. And maybe even still in shock

Now you are constantly checking their phone to see if it’s still going on. Sometimes you find something. Other times you wonder if they deleted the evidence.

It feels like you are on edge and at any moment you are going to learn about more and you are scared to leave your partner alone.

Now you are seeking help for something that your partner did to you and it’s not fair.

Thoughts about what you saw keep popping up and won’t leave no matter what you try.

Now you are insecure and comparing yourself to the people your partner has been looking at or has cheated with. You are wondering if you will ever be enough.

You think about if you did this or that or looked like this instead then maybe your partner would not have done what they did.

How do you know if they are telling the truth anymore because they lied for so long?

There’s a battle between “do I want to stay?” and “I’m done.” Which is so draining.

You want to stop obsessing over your partner’s porn use and get your life back

You want to be free of this devastation and start picking up the pieces. You may even feel so shattered that you don’t know what those pieces even are.  

How Counseling Can Help Partners:

  • Find healthy ways of coping with your hurt and stop obsessing over your partner’s phone.
  • Figure out what boundaries would be helpful to give you space to take care of yourself.
  • Work through the tangled ball of emotions you’re going through. 
  • Rebuild your confidence. 

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