Porn Addiction Counseling in Chattanooga, TN

Porn Addiction Counseling in Chattanooga, TN


Are You Addicted to Porn?

As a kid, you looked up porn out of curiosity. You wanted to know more about sex and your parents were not open to talking about it.

But then the curiosity turned into a craving.

You discovered if you were stressed or hurt that looking at porn and masturbating was a quick way to feel betterfor a moment.

Fast-forward to today and you are finding that porn is getting in the way of your ability to make sex meaningful.

Sex feels so shallow and you want to want sex, not need it.

There are days you feel like you have this under control and then all of a sudden the craving to look up porn hits you.

You are tired of being controlled by your sexual urges.

There have been many attempts to stop before and maybe you did for a while, but you always find yourself back to using porn, masturbating, or having sex.

After you’ve acted out, you are consumed with guilt and shame. You think, “what’s wrong with me?” or “why can’t I get this under control?

When you are stressed or bored, porn or sex is a primary way of coping. You discovered it when you were young and it works temporarily to give you a way of escaping reality.

Pornography Addiction

In the beginning, you used to only spend a few minutes looking at porn, but now you spend hours and don’t even realize it.

It’s difficult to stop thinking about sex or fantasies.

No one else seems to be struggling with this or see a problem with it. If you told anyone, you may have been told it’s normal. But it doesn’t feel normal.

Maybe you are seeking help because your partner has found out or caught you and you are devastated. You didn’t want to hurt them this badly.

This is probably a secret of yours. Something you’ve never really talked about before. Not to anyone. But now you are ready to change.

How Porn Addiction Treatment Can Help Address Addictions to Porn:

  • Discover what triggers your cravings and where those triggers come from.
  • Learn practical tools in dealing with those triggers.
  • Find healthier ways of coping with stress, hurt, and anger.
  • Breakdown the voice of shame.
  • Figure out what healthy sexuality looks like for you and how to get there.

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